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Yanai Van is a hair stylist who specializes in curly hair. He is serving Hollywood’s most demanding clientele since 1998, in the heart of Beverly Hills, California.

In a town where image is almost everything, some of LA’s waviest and curliest social elite, trend-setting individuals, those in the forefront of the international entertainment industry, come to rely on Yanai Van when it comes to their hair.

A second-generation stylist, Yanai Van’s earliest memories are of time spent with his mother while she styled hair. To him her Salon was an enchanting place, full of sounds, concoctions, scents and colors, a celebration of life and beauty.  He noted her every move, cut, color and style, breathing in the love of the art, knowing in his heart what work he wanted to do when he grows up.

2005 Academy Award for "Exceptional quality hair
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Yanai Van’s career spans almost two decades and three continents. He worked and studied in Europe, the Middle East and the USA, ever expending his experience, styling hair for diverse ethnicities in varying climates and environmental conditions. While Yanai Van works with all types of hair and is considered a style, cut and color artist, his most cherished reputation is that of curls.

Having a full head of curls himself, Yanai Van experienced his fair share of tease and frizz on the one hand, and the tremendous rewards of a well taken care of mane on the other. He studied curls until he was able to find the tools to consistently bring the best out of curls and transform the relationship that both he and others had with their locks, from one of enduring frustration, to one of understanding and tender loving care, rewarded by lasting joy and appreciation. Having both intimate and professional understanding of the anatomy of curls, their needs, moods and swings, and recognizing a void in the market place of superior-quality, affordable, designer curl-care product line, both inspired Yanai’s vision and propelled his mission.

Yanai Van’s mission is to discover, develop and share with his clients effective, fast and easy regimens to CARE FOR CURLS in our busy life style, to continually create fresh styles, and to provide superior-quality and affordable, designer curl-care product line that consistently produce outstanding results. To this end, he teamed a research and development group in state-of-the-art laboratory with experienced chemists using the finest ingredients both nature and science have to offer. Using the latest technologies available, they have produced the Yanai Van curl-care product line.

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Yanivan is a Los Angeles and Beverly HIlls curly hair stylist at the 90210 Hair Salon

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