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If until now you were fighting your curly, frizzy hair, now you can set it free... Here are 20 golden pieces of advice for the correct management of your hair.
1. Most importantly, curly hair products do not make your hair curly. They have the right ingredients for curly hair. If you don't have curly hair and you really want to, go to tip #19.
2. Curly hair has a way of shrinking. That's why it is so important that the product you are using will have the right affect to prevent puffiness.
3. Is your hair very tangled even when you finish shampooing? You need to use my curlSpring products it is gentle and rich in moisturizing and vitamins. That will give the hair softness and once a week use a CurlHeal intensive conditioner treatment. Whenever you use conditioner or masks, never rinse it out 100%. Leave some on.
4. After shampooing and conditioning your hair, apply CurlHeal fortifying leave in conditioner and gel. Use a wide comb and comb your hair (don't use a brush, it can harm your curls). Take a dry towel and tenderly cap the end and press toward the scalp.
5. You just finished styling your hair? For now don't comb or put your hand through your hair until your next shampooing. If you do, your hair will become puffy and frizzy. If you feel that you need to refresh your hair during the day, just use the KiddyCurls no knots detengling mist on your hair. If your scalp itches, use your nails to scratch.
6. Those who have curly hair should never ever cut their own hair! Why? Because you don't really know the length of your hair and why it's dry it will shrink. When straight hair dries, it shrinks approximately 1/2 of an inch. But when curly hair dries, it can shrink about 3 inches.
7. Hair cuts for curly hair:
Short cut (big deal).
Long cut (because then the hair can fall down nicely)
The middle hair cut doesn't look good because it gets puffy.
Layers do good for curls but there has to be different layers all around the head (not only at the bottom part like in straight hair).
8. The solution for very curly, frizzy hair: perm on perm. Sounds weird because the hair is already very curly. In the past they use to do straightening to open up the curls. But to do so, they would use very harsh chemical products. Nowadays, they do perms with big rolls that make big curls!
9. If a perm is not a solution for you, another way to lose your overly curly hair is to put it in a pony tail after shampooing and conditioning. Wait until is is almost dry (can take an hour). You will still have your curls, but they will be more open than ever.
10. Do you want to always have silky, beautiful hair just like after getting out of the shower? Take some CurlHeal fortifying leave in conditioner , gel and apply to your hair. The CurlHeal fortifying leave in conditioner takes off the puffiness of the hair and lets the curls open. The CurlAppeal shiny curld serum keeps it from being frizzy and keeps the natural look.
11. If you have moisturizer, gel, and shine at home, here is another tip. Right after you shampoo and condition your hair, apply moisturizer and gel. Comb and then apply CurlAppeal Botanical body building Mist only on the ends of the hair. It will prevent the hair from bad endings and make it even.
12. If you have a lot of hair and it shrinks a lot, comb it right after shampooing. Then cover it with ,CurlHeal fortifying leave in conditioner and CurlAppeal shiny curld serum let it dry, and try not to touch it any more.
13. If your hair is getting very puffy, after shampooing apply CurlHeal fortifying leave in conditioner.
14. If your hair is short (curly or wavy) don't even bother to comb it after shampooing. Just shake your head, apply liquid gel on the hair, and let it air dry or use a diffuser with medium heat.
15. If you want straight hair with curls only on the ends, after showering apply onCurlHeal fortifying leave in conditioner. the top of the hair and pull the hair back. Wait for 20 minutes and let it go free style.
16. If your hair is fine and your curls are open after shampooing use curlLift amplifing conditioner only on the ends. Aplly gel, then comb and dry immediately with diffuser. If you put the hair closer to the diffuser, you'll get bigger and more beautiful curls.
17. We tell you constantly not to touch your hair between shampooings. To comb it, NO, but to refresh it (especially after slipping), YES. You get .KiddyCurls no knots detengling mist or CurlAppeal Botanical body building Mist . It will bring life and shine to the hair.
18. To get the best style: In salon
After you style your hair, make curls with a curling iron. Not all over, but at least a quarter inch off the existing curls. The combination of the curling iron and your own curls is phenomenal!
19. To those who really want to have curls:

If your hair is straight or wavy and you really want curls, try these techniques:
The simple one - take piece of fabric around 8 inches long. After shampooing and applying hair products, take pieces of the hair, wrap it on the fabric and close it. When it dries and you take the fabric out you will get a beautiful style of wavy hair.
Butterfly clips - after you shampoo your hair and apply products, take pieces of your hair and corkscrew around your finger. Then attach to your head with a clip. Do this to all your hair, then use a diffuser to dry. Take off the clips and shake your hair out real good.

Curling iron or hot rolls:
heat the rolls and roll your hair onto the rolls. Remember that the smaller the rolls are, the smaller the curls will be and closer to the scalp.
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