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Revive and remedy specific hair afflictions with CurlHeal®. Designed by Yanai Van to neutralize and prevent the damaging effects of harsh chemicals, and environmental and climate conditions to strengthen and restore hair’s resilience and vitality. The CurlHeal® line consists of singular, stand-alone products that include: a weekly Detoxifying Shampoo to remove the build-up of styling products, chlorine and hard water minerals; Intensive Conditioning Treatment containing special nutritive compounds that help prevent split ends, adjust moisture and pH balance, nourish and strengthen the hair; and a Fortifying Leave-In Conditioner for daily use, designed to tame even the most unruly, frizzy, flyaway hair, provide thermal protection, heat and humidity defense for optimum curl care and control.

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Yanai Van’s triple-action, clarifying shampoo is designed to remove build-up using natural fruit extracts to remedy and REVIVE all types of curly hair. It removes damaging build-up of proteins and styling products, chlorine residues and minerals found in hard water. Safe for color-treated, permed and damaged curls. Recommended for weekly use, after every swim in a chlorine-treated pool and prior to chemical service or deep conditioning treatment.
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Yanai Van’s protein rich deep conditioning formula is designed to REVIVE and strengthen extremely damaged curls and rejuvenate all types of curly hair. It contains special nutritive compounds that help to prevent split ends and adjust moisture and pH balance. A terrific boost for chemically treated hair. It restores vitality and improves softness, shine, body and bounce. This nutrients rich, intensive conditioning formula produces unequaled results in just one application, and is recommended as an extra special weekly treat.
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Yanai Van’s unique leave-in formula is designed to Inhibit breakage, retexturize, strengthen, detangle, rejuvenate and REVIVE all types of curly hair. It contains fortifying levels of Wheat Protein, Panthenol and botanicals and infuses each hair shaft with Aloe, Honey, Lecithin, Spirulina and Vitamins A and E. Even double-processed hair will become more manageable. Your curls will look and feel healthier with abundant volume and shine. Leaves hair soft, tangle-free and ready for styling.
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Free shipping for purchases totalling over $50 


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