Dear Yanai,

It's me, Rachel who came in thinking she needed a perm, but thanks to you, received a fabulous hair cut instead that really brought out my natural curl!  I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how very happy I am with my hair!
Thank you so very much!!!  I will see you again in 3 months!

My best regards to you & everyone at your salon,
I just wanted to let you know my order arrived yesterday and I'm thrilled with the number of samples you included in the box for me! I also want to thank you for the sweet "note" you included with my order. That was very thoughtful of you.

I'm also thrilled with the actual products--loved, loved the detoxifying shampoo, the Curl Heal leave-in conditioner, and the "Kiddies" gel. Haven't tried the rest of the products yet--but really would like to wash my hair about seven times today just so I could try everything. My hair is so soft--and the curls are very defined.

Too bad I don't live near California because I would be there in a minute to have my hair done--and so I could tell you in person.

Take care and thanks for everything.

Karen McGreevey
Mason City IA
I received my first order of the Strong Hold Gel and used it for the first time today. I just LOVE it! My hair is naturally wavy and has a dry texture. I perm it to control the frizz associated with my hair type. WOW! Not only did the Strong Hold Gel help define my curls and control the frizz but it left my hair light and soft.

When I placed my order with Rona, she was so helpful and along with my order of the Strong Hold Gel she included samples of the Curl Spring Shampoo, Curl Spring Hydrating Deep Conditioner, and the CurlHeal leave-in conditioner. I’m in love. I just placed and order today for all three items.

Thank you for producing a product that actually does what is says it will do. I am a devoted customer from now on and will tell everyone I know about your products (including my Hair Salon!).

And thank you Rona for being so helpful!

Alaina Denino
Hi Yanai,

I came across your website and really appreciated the information you provided. Unfortunately, I'm located on the east coast. I've gone to a lot of upscale salons in NYC, such as Quidad, but still can not find a solution/cut for my very dry fine, yet full head of mutli textured curls. Would you be able to recommend a good curly salon in the New Jersey area?

Hi Yanai,

I was turned onto your web site by a woman who posted on the Ouidad message boards. I have shoulder-length hair, very curly. I have gotten great results when I've been able to go to NYC and have my hair cut at Ouidad's salon. I am very particular about my hair and the products I use. I have had great sucess with Ouidad's line of products...but I really could use a great cut in LA. Your work looks great and I was wondering how much you charge for a haircut and styling?

Thanks for the information,

Thank you for writing; also thank you for sending the Soft Hold Gel. I really like it, as well as the Strong Hold. (I still have plenty Strong Hold.)

Take care,


Your tips have been helping me a lot.  I am forever grateful!



Thank you so much for helping me with my curly hair. It is now more managable and beautiful!! I am writing to you to request an order for the conditioner. Please email me back with the information necessary to purchase this product.

Thank You,
Megan Blum

I was searching for advice on the web.Your website is awesome!!! ( I wish I could fly to California and get my curls styled at your salon).I struggle everyday with my hair and your techniques are a weapon against a neverending battle.

A. Moler
Yanivan is a Los Angeles and Beverly Hills curly hair stylist
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